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UV light, winds, acid rain, storms, fallen trees, hail, birds and bats can all damage your car. If keeping your pride and joy protected is a priority for you, then a custom carport is a wise investment. In some cases, having a secure or covered space for your car can lower the cost of your insurance. But a carport is not just for protecting your car! When it’s raining cats and dogs and you have a load of groceries to carry to the kitchen, it’s great to know that you’re not going to get soaked or slip trying to get inside.


Many of Brisbane’s beautiful homes were built prior to carports. For a lot of homeowners, the thought of adding a hulking behemoth carport to the front of their elegant Queenslander is unfavourable at best and unimaginable at worst. m.ewaldBUILDING have spent countless years creating elegant extensions that match these gorgeous homes. With many homeowners commenting that they cannot believe the seamless addition wasn’t original. If you’re unsure of the size, material or timeframe, our confident builders can advise you on a range of options for your carport and the pros and cons of each.


New Carport Builders


At m.ewaldBUILDING we have some great options when it comes to creating your new carport. We work with professional designers who are experienced in creating carports that are pleasing to the eye – as well as council friendly.

m.ewaldBUILDING have a clear process that we follow for each build so you always know what to expect next. From our first site visit and consultation through to clean up and hand over, you are always informed. Whether you are filling an empty space or replacing an older carport that is leaning or leaking a little too much, m.ewaldBUILDING have the solution to fit your home and budget.


We offer a professional, no-obligation quote, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a stylish and functional carport.

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