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Family homes represent so much more to homeowners than just a brick-and-mortar shelter. As the cliche goes “A home is a house filled with memories”, and for many of our clients this is absolutely true. So the idea that your needs have outgrown your home can be frustrating. You might have the perfect location, the best gardens, and many memories in your home, but not enough bedrooms or the stairs may be too hard to navigate for older relatives. A house lift and build in is a perfect option for you.


Lifting the home doubles your available space with the opportunity to allocate this new space however you see fit! Need a new home office away from the hustle of family life? Or do your children need their own space that’s still close by? Maybe you’re wanting to utilize new space as a carport or rent it out for a little extra income?

Whatever your reasons, m.ewaldBUILDING can customise plans to suit whatever use you have planned.

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Additional “Design and Construct” Service


m.ewaldBUILDING offer a ‘Design and Construct’ service that takes the stress out of the building. We can manage your entire project from concept to clean up. Our wealth of knowledge and industry connections equate to our clients being able to cherry-pick the ultimate services and tradesmen.


At m.ewaldBUILDING, we have 20 years of building experience. Working with homeowners from throughout South East Queensland has meant we have amassed unparalleled experience working with Queenslanders, pre-war homes, and worker’s cottages. All of which present perfect opportunities for a house lift and build in.

m.ewaldBUILDING also work closely with pinnacle professional drafters who create unique plans that will thrill you while still satisfying all of Brisbane City Council’s requirements.


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