Renovation and build in at Greenslopes

Brisbane and Ipswich are riddled with pre-war homes and worker’s cottages. These stunning character homes are much loved by homeowners living there but many find they outgrow the size of their house quickly. Conventional extensions can be limited by property size or traditional character laws, halting renovations before they ever begin. However, house lift and build ins can be the perfect solution for those that do not want to move but desperately need more space! This was certainly the case for this stunning home on Dansie St in Greenslopes. What was once a small 2 bedroom cottage has been transformed into a luxurious and spacious home fit for a family of any size.

The homeowners contracted m.ewaldBUILDING because they wanted to be confident that their renovation would finish on budget, on time, and according to their plans. m.ewaldBUILDING’s reputation for high quality workmanship and dedicated customer service checked all boxes.

The original home was a 2 bedroom home with 1 bathroom. Thanks to m.ewaldBUILDING the home now as 5 double bedrooms, and 3 floor-to-ceiling tiled bathrooms. The house was lifted, restumped, a concrete slab was poured on the ground and then built-in and extended out the back. Additionally, every window and doorway has been replaced with new, custom-made timber joinery.

m.ewaldBUILDING have also created bespoke cabinetry in the chef’s kitchen, laundry and walk through wardrobe. This feature gives the home a strong sense of cohesion as you walk from room to room.

Additionally, m.ewaldBUILDING has modernised the interior look of the home my replacing the homes original VJ walls and ceilings with plasterboard. To compliment these stunning new walls and ceiling the team also installed new timber floors of both upper and lower levels.
As a feature a mono-stringer staircase has also been added to the home with unique spotted gum step treads.

At m.ewaldBUILDING, we have 20 years building experience. Working with homeowners from throughout South East Queensland has meant we have amassed unparalleled experience working with Queenslanders, pre-war homes, and worker’s cottages. All of which present perfect opportunities for a house lift and build in.

m.ewaldBUILDING also work closely with pinnacle professional drafters who create unique plans that will thrill you while still satisfying all of Brisbane City Council’s requirements.

If you are looking to begin your house lift and build in, m.ewaldBUILDING offer a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us today to take advantage of our 2 decades of knowledge and make your dream a reality.