Termite repairs at Tarragindi

This property in Tarragindi had suffered severe termite damage. After having the home treated for the termite damage the homeowners contacted m.ewaldBUILDING for an assessment and repair of the damage. While the homeowners knew that the damage was likely to be prominent, the full extent was not known. 

During m.ewaldBUILDING’s assessment it was noted that the bathroom ceiling, floor joists, and steel posts would need to be replaced. While termites don’t attack steel, the damage to the surrounding materials meant that the steel posts were no longer properly fulfilling their purpose. 

To begin the process the termite damaged areas of the home needed to be secured and stabilised. This was done by using Acrow Props to support the existing structure. During this stage the floor was also relevelled. 

After the building was stabilised three new steel posts were installed. These steel posts were installed by securely attaching to the concrete slab and timber bearers. After the posts were secured the Acrow Props were removed and new timber floor joists were installed. 

Inside the bathroom the tattered ceiling sheets and timber cover strips were removed. This step can be seen clearly in the images and shows the vast amount of damage the termites had inflicted on the home. It is important to remember to make sure your home is treated regularly to ensure that pests cannot find their way into your home. In natural, leafy suburbs such as Tarragindi, Yeronga, Fairfield, and more, termites are rife and can wreak havoc on older wooden homes. 

The damaged ceiling battens and ceiling joists were replaced. Quickly followed by the installation of new plasterboard sheets and plaster cornices. The timber work around the doorframe was replaced and from here all that remained was repainting. This transformation represented a huge sigh of relief for the homeowners. 

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