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If you’ve got an outdoor space begging to be used this summer, an old deck in need of some serious renovation attention, or just a plan to extend, then m.ewaldBUILDING is the builder for you.


Having worked with Queenslanders extensively, decks and verandahs are an area that we are passionate and extremely experienced with. A well planned, properly built, and a fully-finished deck is an all-weather asset to any home that can provide a cool and inviting entertaining area in the summer, and a sunny and engaging retreat in winter. Whether it be installing a new deck attached to the back of your house or a low deck for a new entertaining area, we can help. 


Some Deck Options:

  • New decks attached to the house, deck extensions
  • Decks separate from your house
  • Garden Deck
  • Gazebo or a Pool deck
  • Decks off the ground or low to the ground

Beyond superb building skills, m.ewaldBUILDING also possess a lifetime’s worth of local knowledge that an average out-of-towner just doesn’t have. m.ewaldBUILDING are well versed in the effect that Queensland’s notorious weather can have on new and old decks.

Not to mention, with our extensive building experience we can help you make the most of those difficult spaces that are being lost.

Not only can we help with the building of your new deck but the design process as well. If you are unsure of style, materials, or expected timeframes m.ewaldBUILDING can advise you. We have a comprehensive process that takes your project smoothly from start to finish without missing the important details.


The process includes:

  • Site visit and Estimate
  • Site visit, preliminary sketches and documentation
  • Approval of design
  • Working drawings
  • Quote
  • Approval of Quote
  • Contract signing
  • Council submission
  • Building approval
  • Commencement on site
  • Completion on site
  • Final site clean
  • Official hand over

m.ewaldBUILDING are the experienced builders with the family spirit, let us guide you through your next renovation process with no fuss and no stress.


If you are looking for inspiration please see some of our recent Brisbane Deck and Verandah projects:

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