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Making a claim against your home insurance policy can be a stressful experience. On top of all the paperwork and questions that you need to address, there is also the headache of trying to find a trustworthy and licensed builder to repair the damage.


m.ewaldBUILDING are your local builders with experience, undertaking insurance repairs. Our reputation for high-quality building has seen m.ewaldBUILDING listed as approved builders for several insurance providers. However, it is always advisable to contact your insurance company before engaging any builder to complete works.


m.ewaldBUILDING are able to assist with insurance repairs for a wide range of circumstances. From water damage through to storm and cyclone devastation. Additionally, for insurance repairs due to termite damage, m.ewaldBUILDING are able to suggest a suitable pest inspector for future maintenance.


Michael Ewald, the Director, has over 20 years of building experience and worked alongside a vast number of tradesmen and contractors. Should the damage to your home be so extensive that you require plans or council approval, m.ewaldBUILDING are able to employ a unique network of contacts to assist you in finding high-quality subcontractors and drafters? We provide our exceptional service to homeowners throughout Brisbane.


m.ewaldBUILDING are locals helping locals. When you engage m.ewaldBUILDING for insurance repairs, you can feel secure knowing that we care about more than just the contract.

We can suggest flexible arrangements and building schedules to help minimize your time out of the home (and consequently, reduce extra expenses). Additionally, we employ experienced office staff who are always able to assist you promptly – something that can save significant stress when liaising with insurance companies.


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m.ewaldBUILDING are available to quote on your insurance repairs. Contact us today to discuss your options and to organise a time for a site visit.

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