Every day we are seeing more and more home automation devices being released. These devices are marketed as offering convenience and more free time. However, for people with disabilities, these devices can offer an extra level of freedom.

Check out the below devices to help create a disability friendly home: 

Smart locks – These devices are great for assisting people who have difficulty with low dexterity or reduced strength in their hands. Rather than a key, doors fitted with a smart lock can be opened with a fingerprint or code. Multiple fingerprints can be added to the lock to ensure all the right people have access. 

Gesture Control Devices – Gesture control devices are incredibly useful for people who use an electrolarynx, sign language, or people who have difficulty articulating for artificially intelligent devices (such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home). Some time is required initially to program the gestures that you want available, but this is definitely an option for people with limited dexterity as well as difficulty communicating vocally.

Automatic Pet Feeders – These devices can be run on a schedule or you can dispense food through the mobile app. Many of these devices only need to be refilled once or twice per week. 

Self-cleaning litter boxes – Similar to the automatic feeders, these self-cleaning litter boxes only need human intervention once or twice per week. 

Leak and Freeze Detectors – These devices are particularly useful for those who may be hard of hearing and may not hear a leaking tap or broken pipe. 

Air Quality Monitor – These devices will track the temperature, humidity, CO2, and chemicals present in the home. All information can be accessed by a mobile app. 

At-Home Health Tracker – This tracker analyses samples of blood to provide details on cholesterol (HCL, LCL, and total), fasting blood glucose, triglycerides, and more. A useful device to have on hand if you require frequent blood checks. 

Automated Lawn Mowers, Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, Robotic Window Cleaners, and Robotic Mops – All these devices have become popular for their convenience, however, they can offer real assistance to people with different ability levels. 

Automatic Garage Doors – These devices require professional installation, however, can provide great benefit. There is no lifting or straining and reduced exposure to the elements when opening the door. 

For information on more extensive home alterations to make your home disability friendly, please contact m.ewaldBUILDING today.