Cooler months mean it’s time for Renovations!

The cooler months are a great time to get some renovations done. The summer heat and humidity aren’t around anymore, so there are no excuses! Plus, getting the smaller renovations done before winter means you won’t be stuck shivering through any renovations and you’ll be able to stay warm and cosy in your new space. Your building team will also be grateful because it means they don’t have to work in the summer sun. 


Whether you already have one or you’re intending on getting one, Autumn presents the perfect time to work on a deck. After the summer sunshine, decks often show a little wear and tear, so now is the time to give it a little TLC. Alternatively, our experienced team can build an entire deck for you to enjoy. With the pleasant Brisbane winters and sunny summers, a deck is a great spot to be all year long.


Similar to decks, roofs worked hard throughout the warm months. Whether it’s keeping the sunshine out or protecting you from the summer storms, a roof will most likely need some repairing or care afterwards. We can provide your roof with the care and repair it needs, plus, Autumn sun is safer to work under!

Doors and Windows

If you’re noticing your doors and windows becoming a little old, Autumn is the perfect time to get them replaced. You’ll want to ensure that your home is sealed and ready to keep you warm throughout winter. This is especially true when it comes to Brisbane’s iconic Queenslanders, which tend to shift and move over time, leading to windows and doors shifting and letting drafts in.

Driveways and Pathways

After the summer rains, pathways and driveways may have taken some damage, so repairing this damage as soon as possible is highly recommended. However, waiting until after the rainy season is the best option to avoid damage during the process of fixing the driveway or pathway.  Autumn is cooler and allows the concrete and mortar to dry at a better and slower pace. 


Looking to extend your home but you’ve been waiting for the right time? Autumn is a great opportunity to extend your home as you don’t need to worry about overheating or getting too cold. It’s likely that your home won’t be properly sealed at some stages, and sleeping through the Autumn nights is much easier than summer or winter!