Tick off your Resolutions while you Renovate


Each year we see more and more environmentally friendly techniques and materials created. Moving from fabric bags to metal straws, home materials and tools can also be eco-friendly. If you’re hoping to tick ‘be more environmentally aware’ off from your 2020 resolutions, then incorporating some of these eco-friendly appliances can be a good starting point. Consider installing shutters as opposed to blinds. You’ll be able to direct the light as well as let in a breeze. Shutters are great for keeping a room cool in the summer and warm during winter!

When it comes to larger renovations or new builds you can choose sustainable materials. There are many businesses who create flooring out of recycled products or using easy and fast-growing materials such as bamboo. Other recycled materials could be glass, perfect for windows, or items from the very home you’re renovating! Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to still have decent wood or tiles removed from your home. Instead of throwing these materials away, why not incorporate them into another element of your home, or even as a side project, like a piece of furniture. 

Maximise Function

The new year welcomes new beginnings, so why not start with fresh spaces. Whether it’s a simple renovation or a brand new build, starting the year with a clean slate is a good way to head into 2020. 

Utilise the space in your home by creating open plan living areas. This brings more natural light into your home and is great for shared spaces, whether you’re entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids, an open plan allows everyone to interact with each other without feeling cramped into one space. 

Low Maintenance Materials

When selecting materials and textures for your home, it’s important to look past the aesthetic. You need to think “how will this product serve me? Is it going to require much upkeep?” When answering these you need to be realistic. If you do choose a high maintenance material, will you be willing to maintain it? Materials such as timber require oiling in order to last longer and look great. Light colours are also tricky to maintain as they require regular cleans. 

If you get to answering “No, I don’t want to maintain that material,” then you’ll need to consider other options. Prefabricated floors such as bamboo, laminate and cork have come far and can offer durability as well as easy upkeep. We can help when it comes to choosing a material for your home, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you to a decision that will be beneficial, practical and cohesive with your home.

Minimal Spaces

Creating a minimal space provides the opportunity to declutter, a resolution for many of us every year! But let’s try to make it happen for 2020. 

If you struggle to declutter we can build bespoke cabinetry to store your extra bits and bobs. A custom-built cabinet means that it will fit into your space perfectly, and will provide the perfect spot for any items you don’t want on display. 

Energy Efficient

Save on your electricity bill when you renovate by installing more energy-efficient technology. Whilst a solar system may be the first option to come to mind, it may not be the simplest if you’re only working on smaller renovations. Consider installing LED lightbulbs or low-flow showerheads for some simple, easier changes. There are also smart appliances for your home that allow you to maximise your home’s energy efficiency. These tend to come with