Top Renovations for your Home


Homes eventually age and often require a renovation or two. This is often a good time to look at the rest of your home and see what else can be done to bring new life to the house. Whether it’s a small room update or large extension, the team at m.ewaldbuildBUILDING have many years of experience across a range of building techniques, so we can help bring your dream home to life. One factor to consider is if you are planning on staying in your home or if you intend on selling it at some stage. If so, now could be the time to create a home that anyone would want to live in.


The Kitchen

One of the biggest and most important renovations to complete, is the kitchen, the heart of many homes. It’s here that also faces the most wear and tear as a high traffic area. Whether you’re a culinary wiz or not, everyone uses their kitchen, so we often find kitchens need a good makeover. The kitchen is a great place to put some of your personality into the design, you could choose a unique splashback or even cupboard fronts. One of the more important elements to consider when undergoing a kitchen renovation is how you use it. Is an island going to be useful or will it take up space? Where will the drawers and cupboards be and will this assist in creating a cohesive and practical kitchen? It can be complicated to figure out, so we are able to assist in these decisions. 


The Bathroom

We often find that people with only one bathroom are eager to add another. Even if it’s only a half bath, having the extra bathroom can improve your living arrangements immensely. On the other hand, your bathrooms may simply need a revamp with some fresh tiles or new tapware. 


The Deck

It’s almost a requirement for Brisbane homes to be equipped with a deck. The summer afternoons and warm winters are the perfect weather for sitting on a deck and enjoying the views. Even if your home is a single storey, adding a deck can provide a great spot for entertaining or reading a book or looking at your garden. 


Fresh Paint 

A new coat of paint can also make a significant difference to your home. We often don’t realise how dirty or faded our walls become after many years, but once a fresh coat of paint is applied it can make a room feel like a new space. 


Open Plan

Most older homes weren’t built with the intention of living in an open plan home, so rooms such as the kitchen, dining and living areas are blocked off from each other with walls. In this case, we suggest knocking down the walls and creating one open space. Not only will this modernise your home, but it will also make it feel bigger without the need for an extension. An open-plan home is also great for bringing together your household and guests, as people can be working in the kitchen and not feel excluded. 


Home Extensions

A home extension can range from a house raise and build under to a simple room addition. If your home is smaller and a single storey, a house raise and build under can double your living area. Alternatively, adding rooms such as a laundry or bathroom can open up your existing spaces and allow you to then make some configuration changes, such as creating an open plan home or larger bedrooms.


Windows and Doors 

Some necessary changes may come in smaller forms, such as new windows or doors. It may seem insignificant at first, however, a new window frame can change the interior and exterior of a home. This can also impact the entrance to your home. The front of your home is the first impression people will get, so making it reflect your entire home and your personality can allow people to see your home as a part of you.