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Starting a renovation can be a daunting task, however, preparing before you begin is a good way to grasp it all and be ready for when renovations begin! 

1. Check the laws

Are there any laws surrounding the renovation that you want to do? Sometimes your home or the area that you live in will have certain guidelines or restrictions. For example, if you are wanting to renovate your character listed home you will face some strict rules and regulations to protect the overall appearance of the house. Alternatively, you may be in a flood zone, if this is the case, any restrictions will be in place to protect you and your home from damage. You can find out these sorts of restrictions on council websites. 


 2. Finances

A project will not be able to proceed very far if you haven’t considered your finances. More often than not, new additions or problems will arise and you may have to input more money than you had anticipated. This is why it’s important to set budgets. You can set a realistic expectation, and with guidance from your designer and builder, you can make an informed choice. 


3. Planning

It’s important to plan your renovations. You can’t simply jump into a renovation and not be sure as to what the changes are going to be. You should decide which rooms and areas need changes before you start the renovations. This will affect how much the project costs as well as the time frame. When you keep changing your mind, the process only becomes more frustrating. The season is also important to take into consideration. No one wants to be building or living amongst renovations during the heat of summer. Smaller projects are fine for summer, however, it is often best to get renovations done during the cooler months, especially in Queensland winter’s, which can be quite pleasant!

4. Pack Up

Once you have established the rooms to be renovated, it’s time to pack them up. You don’t want any fragile items getting broken or dirty during the process. Large furniture should also be moved out of the way, builders won’t be able to easily access the area if a large sofa is in the way. 

It’s important to think ahead when you’re moving things around. You don’t want to get halfway into the renovations only to realise that you put aside something that you need but you can’t seem to remember where. So store items that you’ll most likely need in an easily accessible place, and place breakables somewhere safe. Sometimes a storage container is a good option if you have too many items to be moved around. It’s not pleasant to be living amongst your furniture and knick-knacks.

5. Kids and Pets

Children and animals can get overwhelmed by renovation projects, but they can also get in the way, which could be dangerous with power tools in the mix. Whilst construction will be underway during the weekdays, school kids may be a concern, however, when young children aren’t going to school everyday, alternative activities may need to be organised. The same applies to pets. It’s most likely that fences won’t be locked during the days, and pets could find the hustle and bustle overwhelming. Finding alternative accommodation for your pets during the renovation time may be necessary. 


6. Tell your Neighbours

Most people will have had an awkward encounter with a neighbour regarding noise. Nobody enjoys being the cause of the neighbourhood unease. Informing your neighbours of the upcoming renovations will ensure that no one is disgruntled. It can also provide an opportunity to get to know them better. 

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